Chili Week: Cajun’s Lemony Mushroom Chicken Chili and Cornbread Grilled Cheese

I’m going to go ahead and start this post off by saying that I got this recipe from a girl from Tennessee whose name is Cajun. I’m not trying to be cliche or corny, but my guess is that she has some spice in her life. And spice is one thing I’m a little afraid of. But I’m going to be true to this recipe and give it a shot. Here are the links to the pin and recipe:

Pin: Lemony Mushroom Chicken Chili

Website: Blooming in Bedlam

I didn’t have a Dutch oven or really knew what one was exactly but I knew my Nanny had every dish imaginable, so I searched her cabinets until I found a cast iron pot with a lid akin to the monster I saw at the cook-off. Once I added the ingredients and heard the simmer, I knew this chili was a winner. I also decided to let my creativity try its hand at a spin on a grilled cheese with cornbread. I used a box of Jiffy corn muffin mix and made pancakes according to the box’s directions. Then I sandwiched cheese between two pancakes, and just like magic, Cornbread Grilled Cheese was invented. Ok I’m sure it has been tried before, but I like to think I’m a culinary genius.

Everyone loved it even J who is skeptical of my explorations. It was very filling and hearty and delicious. I now understand why it is a rage in your circle Cajun! Great chili! I’ve had a TON of chili this week, and this was definitely a keeper! Pin and recipe Approved


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