Chili Week: Featured Pinterest Recipes

Welcome, Welcome to Twin Tested, Pin Approved’s First Annual (or just very first) Chili Week! I don’t know about yall, but I love me some chili. But I feel like it is physically impossible for me to eat chili during the Spring and Summer. Like seriously, I don’t want to eat hot chili when it’s hot outside. Now that the weather is getting cooler and the leaves are starting to turn, I felt it was appropriate to spend a whole week revolving my life and blog around CHILI! I prepped for this yesterday by stopping by Wendy’s for a cup… shhh don’t tell. I also have stocked up on the Tums just in case. In the middle of the week on Saturday, I am going to actual for real Chili Cook-off. I’m super excited!!! Without further ado, to kick off the week, I decided to compile some favorite pins I have seen on Pinterest for award-winning and somewhat different Chili Recipes that I can’t wait to try this cold-weather season. Also I will be featuring a chili from Cajun from Blooming in Bedlam as well as hosting guest post from Phyllis from Verified Mom this week. I hope yall enjoy. So get your crockpots and dutch ovens ready, it’s time for Chili Week!!!

Below is a clickable collage of all of my Pin-favorites! Click on each picture to go to the site and the chili recipe! Hope you enjoy!

click map

Quinoa Chili Cook-Off Chili White Chili Pumpkin Chili Chili Cornbread Skillet Chili Verde

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