Mommy Monday: Listerine Foot MAGIC

So due to a request from some ladies who wanted to know about a pin that is VIRAL on Pinterest, I have now for your reading pleasure, a double, yes double pin review for the Listerine Foot Magic pin. Or pins. There are two that claim to get rid of all that yucky dead skin on your heels that make the ladies at the spa who do your pedicure start talking in another language you don’t speak that you can automatically translate into “this lady has some gross feet like does she know they make pumice stones?” And then they whip out the file thing that they have to ask your permission to use. Ugh. And yes kind lady who is scowling at me and cussing me in her native tongue. Yes you can file my feet skin off. Yes I know vaseline works wonders. Yes I know I shouldn’t wear flip flops. Excuse me while I close my eyes and pretend to relax while you are tickling and filing every nerve ending of my feet. Obviously, I tried this pin the moment it hit my Lookin Good pin board. I’m tired of the shame and the glares and the foot contraptions that need a medical release. Alyssa of Babies, Bloodhounds, and Booze, Oh My! tagged teamed with me on this one and wrote her review for one of the pins. The links and review follow:

Pin: Listerine Soak

Website: Tomorrows Adventures

Take it away Alyssa:

I hate feet. They are repulsive. I LOATHE them. I understand they are a necessity if I want to walk and it’s a blessing too. I just don’t like how gross they get really. My feet get gross fast. They sweat in flip flops, how does that happen!? So it was time for some tlc. I use the pumice stone in the shower almost every time. But of course as a mom, it’s hard to find much time for more than a quick rinse. 
The other day I did the listerine foot soak while Miss Audrey was sleeping. I used 1/2 cup of listerine, 1/2 cup of vinegar and 2 cups of hot water. Then I plopped my big booty on my couch with some trashy TV and a venti cup of deliciousness. Sat with my piggies in the tub and soaked them. The smell wasn’t very enjoyable for me. 30 minutes later… pull them out.
MY FEET ARE BLUE! Okay, this isn’t so bad. The next step is to wipe off all of the yucky stuff. As I start scrubbing, I notice nothing is coming off. Well, how rude. Now my feet are tinted blue, pruned, and minty fresh.
Okay, round 2. I upped each ingredient by 1/2 a cup because well, maybe it just needs more. Anyone care to guess what happened? Anyone? Anyone? Beuler?  The same thing. Failure!!! My feet look nasty still. Little disappointed because it’s a popular pin. Whatever, elbow grease and a pumice stone will always be my go to.
1alyssa 2alyssa
4alyssa  3alyssa
Ugh. So I gave the second pin a shot. Please Dear Jesus in Heaven do not let me have smurf feet. Amen.
Website: KSL
I must say before I begin that both websites looked kind of shady-shades to me to begin with. So I did what they said. I did everything they said. And nothing. NOTHING. Skin didn’t fall off. I didn’t even rub off. I scrubbed it off. With a pumice stone. But my feet weren’t blue, that’s a plus. I really think that both of these pins are a bunch of bull. You will still need to scrub and a pumice stone is best. My thinking is that if these pins worked magic and wonders, then the salons would be implementing “Listerine Soaks” instead of scrubbing because obviously it would be less work for them. And they wouldn’t have to stare at nizasty feet like mine. Sorry ladies. I would suggest keeping the Listerine for your stink nasty breath instead of your stink nasty feet. And if you want to soak them, just use warm soapy water and maybe add some oils and scrub your dead skin off. Also put some vaseline on your heels at night with some comfy socks and this will help too. If all else fails, take yo crusty feet up to the nail place and get a pedicure. Love ya mean it!


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16 thoughts on “Mommy Monday: Listerine Foot MAGIC

      1. I try really hard with my own beauty experiments to make sure I eliminate any extra variables that could make something not work for somebody else. It would be terribly embarrassing to think I recommended something that didn’t work for others.


    1. I know right!?! I told Alyssa that we might be getting a call from Listerine due to a drop in sales. But these pins really don’t work and the majority of my friends on Pinterest have at least on of these pinned.


  1. I tried this five months ago two days before my wedding with my very good friend who was visiting from Illinois. I was pretty disappointed as it is so misleading. I honestly believed the icky would just come off my feet…although I was pleased that it did not take as much scrubbing to remove the dry skin as usual. Oh, and thank God my feet did not turn blue…I think I would have died!


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