The Weekend Special: Soccer Momin It

Back to school also means back to activities in this house. The girls have started dance and R is playing Fall Soccer at our local YMCA again this year. I must say I was very worried about soccer. Last year R stood on the field (literally just stood) and cried most of the time. So we decided to give it another shot this year and so far so good. His first game is today, bright and early, and we are hoping that the crowd/an audience doesn’t mess up how good he has been doing in practice. He also has two awesome ladies coaching him, and that seems to be helping as well. Sometimes kids at his age need a woman’s touch.

I also volunteered to be the “snack mom” or the one who organizes the rotation for snacks. Now I must say that I get a little annoyed with snacks and junk after the game. These kids run around on the field for about an hour then are stuffed with chocolate and sweets and sugary drinks. Would you eat that junk after you went for an hour long run? I mean not that I run. Especially not for an hour. But I know that you don’t need that crap anyways so I’m sure it can’t be the best after exercise.

Here is one perspective on junk after games from Kiran at 100 Days of Real Food

When I played soccer, IF (big if) we had snacks after the game, it was a water/sports drink/non-sugary juice and some fruit or veggies. We may have had some cheese crackers. These are growing kids both physically and mentally, and they need food post-game that strengthens their body and doesn’t do the crash and burn of a sugar rush.

I’ve found lots of cute ideas for sports snacks, some borderline overachieving, but all healthy ideas. I put together a little Snacks for Soccer Mom-tage (see what I did there…) of my fave ideas from Pinterest (the images are clickable in the collage and will take you to their original source given in the pin. Some were only images).

click map

Snack 1 Snack 2 Snack 3 Snack 4 Snack 5 Snack 6 Snack 7 Snack 8 Snack 9


For today, I decided to channel my inner Pioneer Woman and make some frozen fruit cups to go with Go-gurt and Flavored Water. I simply filled each plastic cup with one banana, a handful of grapes, some pineapple (from the can, drained) and some mandarin oranges (canned, drained). I topped them off with Monsters, Inc. fruit snacks then covered with plastic wrap and stuck them in the freezer overnight. I also stuck the waters in the freezer too and set them out about an hour before we left for the game so they would have about 2 or 3 hours to thaw out. I then tied a Go-gurt and a fork to each cup with some ribbon and stuck them in the cooler. The snack is fun and refreshing while healthy at the same time. And the kids are sure to love it!

Volunteering and Soccer Momin it are fun, but we have to remember that we are there to care for the children after what is to them a strenuous exercise. If they have grandparents like my parents, they get enough junk food as it is. Hopefully these ideas and tips will help you this Fall Sports Season.


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