Twinnie Tuesday: Peppa Pig Personalized Book from Penwizard

Whoo wee what a day it has been. Two sick girls who missed nap time because I picked them up early to take them to the doctor equates to non-stop crying and whining (seriously 45 minutes of B screaming “I want my necklace!”) and a huge headache not to mention the wait at the pediatricians and the mix-up/super long wait at the pharmacy. And now I finally have time to sit and relax after a delicious pin inspired Fall pork roast and watch a magnificent and slightly scary lightning storm.

I’m not writing about a pin today. Instead I’m sharing and reviewing one of my very first blogging opportunities from Penwizard and Peppa Pig. I signed up a few weeks back for a free personalized Peppa Pig book in exchange for a blog review. It was a no-brainer because all 3 kids are OBSESSED. with Peppa. They get their love of British accents/all British things in general from me. I mean helloooo Downton Abbey, Colin Firth, Pride and Prejudice, that freaking adorable Wills and Kate. And, ahem, Harry Bloody Potter!!!! So my kids have Brit love in their DNA.

And naturally I read the book to them in my best Peppa talk and my not so best Madame Gazelle talk (not so big on le francais). The book is completely personalized. You can choose what your character looks like, their first and last name, and the basic storyline (ie: preschool, kindergarten, birthday, etc.) You can also write a small dedication at the beginning. The girls were so surprised when they saw their names on the front page. They loved every minute of reading this special book.

I will definitely purchase more products from Penwizard and Peppa Pig in the future. If you are interested in purchasing your own personalized book, visit Your little ones will love their books and other items. Now for some cuddling on this rainy night! It’s the little things that make my crazy days worth it.

*This review was written as part of my collaboration with Penwizard and Peppa Pig. Products were received in exchange for review. All thoughts and ideas are completely mine.


2 thoughts on “Twinnie Tuesday: Peppa Pig Personalized Book from Penwizard

    1. Aren’t they amazing?!? One day I decided to have “Peppa Pig Day” and spoke in Peppa’s accent for a good 3 hours (we went out in public and I wasn’t going to go that far haha). My kids looked at me like I was crazy but LOVED it!


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