Mommy Monday: Beachy Waves for Short Hair

I’m going to start this off with a little confession: I have curl envy. Serious curl envy. I have absolutely no curl in my hair. I long for a day that I can scrunch up my damp hair with some gel. Or rock a Victoria Secret Blowout (see pin here). And as you know from last week’s Mommy Monday: No More Mony, I just chopped my hair off. I saw a pin that I’ve seen floating around Pinterest for quite a while that claims you can create beachy waves for short hair with a straightener. Um hello!!! I want beachy waves. I have short hair. I have a straightener. Yes please! So due to a slight delay with the Listerine foot magic trick (which will be featured next Monday), I decided to give this a shot today. Did I mention I have super straight hair? Here are the links to two different pins/tricks I tried:

Pin: Beachy Waves for Short Hair

Website: Little Miss Momma

Pin: Straightener Waves

Website: Hey Wanderer

Let me preface this by stating I had several things working against me. First, I didn’t have the skinny straightener in the pins. Second, I have really really really straight hair (have I said this before?). Lastly, I can’t do hair. At all. I suck at it. This was a huge reason for the mony. But I still tried and tried and tried to create waves. I tried both tricks. I broke out two different curling irons. I used 3 different texturizing, curling, waving products. I ended up with a mess. And straight hair. Ok sort of flippy maybe slightly curvy hair. With super straight ends. And burnt. Like stinky burnt hair full of product. Not cute at all. But I still went out in public to fro-yo… I have no shame.


But I’m not going to throw these pins under the bus. I think it probably works. Just not on my hair. Give it a shot. Maybe your hair can have beachy waves. For the record, when I lay on the beach all day my hair looks like this:


Oh well. The good thing is I took the time to try something new. It didn’t work, but I still enjoyed the little bit of time to be just a woman and not only a mommy.

Also I am keeping my Jamberry Nails party open until Friday. Make sure to get your orders in!

Jamberry Party


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