MT Tribe Showcase: Goofball Mommy

For today’s MT Tribe Showcase, I would like to introduce you to Lisa of Goofball Mommy. Here is a little bit about Lisa, her family, and her blog:

I am Lisa, a stay at home mom from southern California. I have an over active child who suffers from a migraine disorder. My blog started when I wanted to create a place moms could go and feel like they are not the only ones who are struggling. My life is never perfect, but it is perfectly mine.

Her blog is beautiful, funny, and honest. Life is certainly never perfect. We are given a bad hand sometimes, and Lisa’s story is very inspirational.


I believe it fitting that I showcase Lisa’s blog post, “True Super Hero Lessons From a Four Year Old,” the day after we saw so many reminders of the acts of heroism performed by policemen, firemen, rescue workers, civilians, soldiers, marines, airmen, sailors, and all those brave souls who worked tirelessly and gave their lives on and after September 11, 2001. As you see, sometimes it takes a little one to remind us of what a true hero looks like. Just a small piece of an amazing, heartwarming post:

“Mommy Army men are super heroes, they are the best kind of super hero.”

You can continue the read here:

True Superheroes

Thank you “Monkey Man” and Lisa for reminding us!

You can also follow Lisa on social media:





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