Mommy Monday: No More Mony

That isn’t a typo in my title. You assume it’s supposed to be “money.” I assure you, I am also out of money. But it’s “mony” as in “mom-pony” or “mommy ponytail.” The go-to look for mamas. Gone are the days of “no hair” or “short mom hair.” Now moms throw their hair up in a ponytail or a messy bun or a braid. You know, the same way we fix our kid’s hair. Or the same look we had in high school/college. It’s long and scraggily (is that a word?) and heavy and boring. Now Pinterest has upteenmillion looks to “jazz up your updo.” But each is just another fancy “mony.” I am completely guilty of this look. I also have really thick hair that acts as a heater if it’s down. So most of the time when my hair is long, up it goes. I also feel your pain. I have 3 kids relatively the same age, and it is so much easier to put it in the mony than to actually fix hair that is going to get messed up anyways. But we look ridiculous. And tired. We already look tired enough with the bags under our eyes and shirts stained with chocolate milk and eye snot. We deserve to have good hair. I remember a few haircuts ago, my hair was super long, and my stylist said it aged me so much (how embarrassing). I couldn’t believe how refreshed I looked and felt when she chopped it off to just below my shoulders. Sometimes easy isn’t the best policy. We spend hours and hours curling hair and spraying a wiggling child’s hair for a dance recital. We have taught ourselves how to slowly trim and brush and use an electric razor with guards and do a flippin star design for the 4th of July on heads of hair that move for crying out loud. Why can’t we take the time to fix our own hair?

So this weekend, I went to the salon for maybe the 2nd time this year and asked for the amazing Julianne Hough Safe Haven cut. Links to the pin and a picture are below:

Pin: The Cut

*It links to a Yahoo page. So really just the image was pinned.


I love this look. It is basically a bob, but it looks so sleek and carefree at the same time. It is also too short to have a respectable mony. That was my point. To get a haircut that requires me to fix it. If I have to fix my hair, then I can’t rock a mony or any other style that makes me look tired. Or like I’m 13. Now I am not saying that you should go out and chop your hair off, but please if you take anything from this Mommy Monday, take my advice to fix your hair. Even if it will get messed up, it will be worth it to look good for a short while. Keep the mony at home or at the gym/exercising where it belongs. Or use it sparingly. Fixing your hair will make you feel and look better. It isn’t all about the little ones. We work tirelessly to make sure they look presentable. Take pride in yourself and look good too. I’m preaching to myself here too. We took back Monday for Mommy, let’s take back our hair too.

If you do like the look or want the haircut, I found several pins with ways to wear your hair for this particular cut. The pin links and websites are below:

Pin: Wavy Hair for Bobs

Website: Little Miss Momma

Pin: Styles for Bobs

Website: Beauty High

Stay sane mamas, and celebrate yourself on Monday.



16 thoughts on “Mommy Monday: No More Mony

  1. I had grown out my hair when I found out I was pregnant exactly for this reason. I figured I would have NO time to do my hair. A couple months after my little one was born, I realized I did have some time (I think it helps that I only have one child for now), so I went back to my former style, which is shorter and styled, but easy enough to style myself. Granted, it grows out crazy fast! But no mony for me 🙂


    1. Mine too. It’s straight and thick and a furnace if long. I was teaching on Tuesday night with my new do and I swear my classroom was 30 degrees cooler with my hair gone haha. I love your haircut. It is adorable!


  2. Such a great challenge! I can’t wait to see a picture of your hair cut : ) I don’t have children yet, but I was certainly guilty of this when we moved to Florida. I didn’t know anyone at the time or go anywhere, but I was like, what’s the point? Then I realized my attitude often reflected my appearance. If I didn’t care about my appearance, I just didn’t seem to care for the day! When I worked, I prepared myself every morning for success. I feel the same way about it now. Thanks for sharing on Hump Day Happenings : )


  3. I remember reading once that little girls hair styles are great – on little girls! Grown ups should have grown up hair, I often think of it as I stick my hair into a ponytail aged 44! What is the matter with me? You are SO right. This might be the kick up the backside I need to have something a little more stylish (I am a bit scared of anything other than a wash and go style – what if I don’t have time and look a fright in the morning? I guess it’s down to priorities.


  4. Oh, I do the mom pony way too much! I love that cut on Juliane Hough, but my hair is curly! I need a great cut for curly hair that doesn’t take a lot of time!


  5. I’m still trying to find the perfect length. My hubs likes it longer, but now that I’m dying it red (or trying to) it gets dry and tangles easier. I need to print photos to take to the salon next time, that’s a great idea. I once got bangs by accident because I told the stylist I wanted my hair out of my eyes…


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