MT Tribe Showcase: Blooming in Bedlam

Over the past couple of weeks, I have had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know a great group of fellow blogging women superstars. One of those amazing women is Cajun of Blooming in Bedlam. She blogs about “Healthier living without sacrificing convenience. Topics include homemade beauty products, essential oils, diy/repurposing projects and food with healthier ingredient substitutes.”

One of my favorite posts (and Cajun’s) is How Essential Oils Changed My Beauty Routine (+My Must-Have Oils).

In the post, she talks all about essential oils for aging, skin care, sleep aid, and even to make your eye lashes longer and more beautiful. I can’t wait to try the last one out. I was definitely not blessed with beautiful lashes.


Be sure to check out Cajun and Blooming in Bedlam.

And follow her on social media:






Have a Wonderful Friday MT TRIBE!



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