Football/Foodie Friday: Dedications and Mozzarella Bites

I come from a tiny sub-community of a teensy community in a rural part of our county. I’m pretty sure my family makes up a huge majority of my little hometown. And where we come from, everybody knows your business before you do. They are also there when you need them in times of pain and tragedy. They’re people you grow up with and love. They have your back. People don’t forget places like ours. They either try to run from them, leave them, escape to them, settle down in them, and grow old in them, but no matter what they do they always remember them. And because we all are from this forgotten part of the county, we have very little support from the board when it comes to athletics. We also have a small population which often means slim pickins when it comes to stellar athletes. In the past we’ve had some greats, in the years when respect for the game and coaches still existed, when you worried more about scoring and making plays than getting playing time you didn’t deserve. And right now, my home team is in their valley year, but we always remember the mountaintop views. That’s why week after week we go out to still support our Friday Night boys even when we are certain of a loss. Last Friday night, we celebrated a man, a football coach, who inspired a community to win despite its size. As I said before, we aren’t given funds and didn’t have a big donor just to fork over the money to complete our stadium, so the process has been almost 20 years in the making. And they dedicated the field house to the man who taught our town to play football. It was not his hometown, but the place stuck with him and he became one of our own. Even when we flat out sucked in the midst of multi-season losing streaks, he stuck around drawn to this close knit community. And even when the scoreboard showed another loss, I smiled proud of my home team knowing that one year another man like this one will come along again to teach our boys to play ball. We will have to grin and bear it until then.

 Ok enough Friday night lights, let’s talk food! Arguably, tailgating is one of my favorite things in the world! To sit out around a grill and smell the burgers on and get hyped for the game just doesn’t get better. You can “tailgate” even from your own backyard if you’d like. I absolutely love having a house full of fans watching the game and enjoying game day food. This house is divided: Niners and Cowgirls, I mean Cowboys, I always get that mixed up, and we have a big game coming up this weekend, so I thought I would try out some football food ahead of time. I made a big pot of chili, which is a staple during the fall in this house… I feel a chili-themed week in my blogging future… and some Mozzarella Bites from a pin recipe. Here are the links:


Website: The Way You Make Me Feel

At least they looked kinda pretty.
               At least they looked pretty


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the recipe on the link but it is sort of included in the pin’s caption. Personally, I was not a fan. They were actually kind of a bummer. The cheese didn’t stretch out and melt so you almost choke yourself. The crust wasn’t crunchy. I could barely taste the cheese. Mozzarella sticks are supposed to be cheesy gooey goodness and these were not. I’m afraid this won’t make it to the tailgate. I have to give this pin a 15-yard penalty, 4th down. The chili was great and so was the football game despite the loss. I can’t wait tonight, this time to watch my dad’s boys!


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