It’s My Birthday. Don’t Expect Me to Clean.

I’m forfeiting all cleaning and decorating responsibilities today. I officially begin the last year of my 20’s. I will be found in a corner crying all day. No but seriously. I’m not doing anything. At all. And I deserve not to.

So no blog post today. Just some fun pictures I found to commemorate my day!

Oh and don’t forget, today starts the Jamberry party on Facebook. Go order you some nails, pour a glass of wine, and help me celebrate:

Lauren’s Facebook Jamberry Party





Happy September 4th, the day God created perfection.


3 thoughts on “It’s My Birthday. Don’t Expect Me to Clean.

  1. Happy birthday šŸ™‚ I’ll be entering the last year in my 20s next month too so I understand the desire (and need) to cry it out and live it out! Lol.. Here’s to an amazing thirties where we will achieve that most elusive of female desires: to mature mentally without ageing physically and managing to have perfect hair in the bargain! :p

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