Twinnie Tuesday: Getting Organized

I’m pretty sure that one of the questions I get the most about being a twin mama is “How do you do it?” Usually my response is something like “I just do!” When I found out I was having twins and told my mom, her first response was “What are you going to do?!?” I responded, “Have two babies!” I’ve really not known any other mama life than a twin one, so I don’t really have anything to compare it to, but my guess is that it is just a tad harder if you get the two-for-one special at the L&D. One thing I am certain of is that with double the babies comes double the stuff.

I am very organized (a little OCD) by nature, so organization whether I have 2 or 22 kids is a must regardless. However, if I could give any new twin mama, or mama in general, a piece of advice it is to stay as organized as possible. If everything has a place then cleaning up the mess is so much easier. This is especially true with school-aged kids. My kids have a tendency to walk out of their shoes as soon as the get in the door. The bookbags would stay where they land if I didn’t have a system already in place. Also getting ready in the morning would be a nightmare if I had never found the pin below:

Pin: Hanging Clothes Organizer

Website: The Gunny Sack

This is such a simple yet wonderful idea. Every Sunday, I pick out clothes for the week and organize them in their closet in the organizers. I have a purple one for B and a pink one for L. They also take their school shoes off and put them in the next day’s cubby. On days that they have dance, I put their dance clothes in that day’s cubby. It is so easy to do. And the best part is that this can grow with them. When they are older, they can pick out their clothes for the week and there will be no mad rush in the morning to find something to wear. I plan on doing a few more things to organize for the school year, but I would say that this system has been my favorite and worked like a charm. My kids also love having “cubbies” at home kind of like they do at school. Anything that can help moms on a school morning gets approved in my book. Hope this will help all of you!





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