Saaaaaa-weet Saturday: Jamberry Nails

Since I’ve been on school overload the past few weeks, I’m going to deviate from Schoolhouse Saturday and talk about something sweet: Jamberry Nails. If you aren’t sure what they are or you have been dying to try them and are tired of your nails looking a mess, I’m having an online party to celebrate my birthday. Check out the link for info:!/groups/1464567383818548?ref=m_notif&notif_t=group_activity

I will save most of the explanation for Liddy, my consultant, but basically they are vinyl nail adhesives in just about every thinkable style and design. I have been hearing about them for a while now, and with my birthday coming up, I decided to try them out. They are super cute, and I picked out 2 designs for $30 plus shipping, and it took them about a week to arrive to NC from Utah. It made my day to see them in the mail. I grabbed my hair dryer and was ready for beauty when I realized my dryer was broken. I decided to redneck it up by using my van’s heat… What can I say, I’m innovative! They were super easy, and I’m sure using a hair dryer or nail heater will be much more efficient. But it did make the car rider line fun! J swears my nails are longer but I actually filed them down. They don’t looked jacked up with half-chipped nail polish and ugly cuticles. Definitely keepers! Plus I have enough from my two sheets for 4 pedicures and 3 more manicures. Just click on the link and get ready to order! You will love them, they last a good while (average of 3 weeks for fingernails and 6 for toenails or around those numbers), and your nails won’t look like you scrape them on cement all day. I didn’t approve a pin today, but I definitely approve the website and Jamberry Nails!




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