Twinnie Tuesday: New School/Old School

“It’s the first day of school and whattaya do? You put your feet into a new pair of shoes. You brush your teeth and comb your hair and wonder how many new friends you’ll meet there. It’s the first day, it’s the first day. Will I like my teacher will my teacher like me? It’s the first day, it’s the first day. It’s the first day of school!”

For all of my school years and even my first teacher year, my mom serenaded us with the “First Day of School” song by our bedside, through closed bathroom doors, and on the phone. I wish I still had first days so she could call me up and sing it. Now I sing it to my kids. I started last year when they started the 3’s class at our church preschool, and woke my oldest, littlest up this morning with what, I hope, will be a song that she will cherish as I do.

We did some new things this morning too, the first of them being my apparently new wakeup time of 5:00 am. Not sure what that is all about. Also I made cinnamon toast (The Pioneer Woman’s recipe) and topped it with stewed canned apples (homemade by Nanny). I served them on an apple plate for the big girl. (Tomorrow I will make apple cinnamon muffins for the other two on their very own apple plates). I got the idea from the pin and site below:

Pin: DIY Apple Party Plates

Website: Spaceships and Laser Beams

I also spent extra time with the girl and helped her get ready. I painted her nails last night and brushed her hair and made sure she was picture perfect. I then snapped a few pictures. My girl looked so big and little at the same time.




Then we drove to the school where I met my soon-to-be husband, walked in the front door, and down the same hall I walked, my mom walked, and my papa walked to the same classroom that belonged to the teacher who is the reason I teach today. Old school meets new school. Same smells, new faces. Same building, new memories.


God bless our children this school year. Guide them and keep them. School is finally here!

After we left, I treated the other two to a morning at the park. Tomorrow we will start the first day jitters and preparation all over again times 2!



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