The Clean/Dirty Thursday, Back to School Week: Ruler Wreath

Whoo it’s been a week. Even though I teach year round, we started a new semester and had some changes. Top that off with J’s new job and car issues. Friday has never looked so good!

Tomorrow will be my last Friday having the girls here with me all day. Next Friday, I will be taking them both to school for their first day together. No turning back now. At least I will have the time to really expand my culinary techniques for Foodie Friday (psshh haha yeah right). Or maybe binge coffee drinking with my cousin. My guess is binge coffee drinking. Anyways on to today’s pin!

Technically I made the ruler wreath last year but it’s such a cute idea, I decided to feature it today. Plus I didn’t have a pretty white door to hang it on. Somehow it didn’t look as good on my ugly brown door. So here for your viewing pleasure, I give you the Ruler Wreath.

Pin: Back to School Ruler Wreath

Website: Create. Craft. Love

 This wreath was so easy. All you need are basic wooden rulers and some hot glue. My wreath isn’t quite like the one on the site but close enough! I think it is really cute and goes great with my windchimes. The thing that I like most about the wreath is it shows support for the school year. It’s almost as if to say “I commit this house to the best school year ever! As for me and my house, we will do our homework!” Ok maybe that was a little much. Maybe it’s just a cute wreath haha. The pin measures up nicely (ba-dup chhhh) and is approved. I hope you all are ready for the school year. It’s almost here!



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