Mansday Wednesday/Wordless Wednesday: Honey Sugar Pie Sweetie Lovey Time

Ok I’m not really gross and all lovey dovey like my title. I’m pretty practical and insensitive sometimes. I’ve always had the problem where I give the face like I act like I don’t care. I do care. Really. I just have a hard way of being sensitive sometimes. I think it comes from being an oldest child. J got promoted last week, and just like any new job, he’s been working hard and feeling the growing pains. I have also been working hard trying to keep up the new blog and get things rolling with Back to School. Needless to say, we’ve neglected each other this week. Friday we will share a day off and I am really looking forward to that. But tonight, I decided to take off my blogging/mommy/blogging mommy hat and put on my fiancee hat. We went out to eat and I didn’t try a pin. Sometimes, you just have to. I will continue Pinteresting and posting tomorrow!

And my Wordless Wednesday in honor of Mansday Wednesday:



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