Twinnie Tuesday, Back to School Week: B2S Books and Teacher Gift Printable Card


As you can see, we are super excited about school. I was telling J, you can never get the first days of preschool or kindergarten back. It is so very important to make these days as exciting as possible. Of course there could possibly be crying, screaming, clinging to the legs. And the kids may be a little nervous too. The things that I have done and will do leading up to the first days of school are all to help ease the transition for our littles. And for me too I suppose. The teacher part of me places so much emphasis on their education. And the mother part of me wants to cuddle them until they leave for college. By preparing them and being active in their school, I feel like the teacher and mommy parts can find common ground. Someone remind me of my enthusiasm when I am about to lose my mind after agreeing to volunteer on some committee or team in a few months.

For the past few nights we have been “reading our way” to the first day of school. I got the idea from the pin and site below:

Pin: B2S Reading Countdown

Website: Hands On As We Grow

We started when there were 10 days until school. I chose 10 because it was a good solid, even number (I’m OCD. EVERYTHING MUST BE EVEN!!!) and I thought I could manage to round up 10 books about B2S. I cut out circles out of notebook paper and wrote numbers 1-10 on them and taped them to the front of the books. Any books about school will do.


I also printed off the graphic below to make a gift tag for the teachers’ gifts:

Pin: Colorable Teacher Card

Website: Simply Designing


 I glued the printable onto an index card and let the kids write their names on the back. I attached them with ribbon to a wooden ruler that I decorated for each teacher (decorations not shown on ruler because I didn’t want to share last names). It was the perfect final touch! I asked B & L if they approved of the pins. Their response, “Uh-huh.” So I asked why and was given “Because.” Is it too late to sign them up for Interpersonal Communication at the college?


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