Sacrificing Mommy Monday, Back to School Week: B2S Mantle

Before you get mad at me, I am going to preface this by saying I fully intend on sitting for a while in my Coffee Scrub mask and ordering some Jamberry nail goodies for myself today. Please don’t yell at me. If you must fuss, call me up we’ll get some wine and enjoy ourselves. I will not neglect myself today. Do not be alarmed. Mommy Monday will be back in full swing as soon as the kiddies are carted off to school.

Now that we have set that I am not letting my days completely go, I am sacrificing today in the spirit of B2S and making some decorations for my mantle out of school supplies. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen the following ideas, but I will give you a few pins that mostly lead to round-ups of back to school ideas:

Pin: 25 DIY Teacher Gifts

From: Freebie Finding Mom

Pin: Back to School Ideas

From: The 36th Avenue

Pin: Back to School Banner

From: Inspired By Familia

I am not going to pretend that my stuff turned out nearly as perfect as the ones featured in the pins. I am going to say I appreciate the general “homemadeness” of my crafts. It makes them look unique. Ok so maybe they just look like Dollar Tree versions of crafts. I chose to create a pencil vase, a colored pencil vase, another crayon jar, and a crayon garland. I may choose to modify the garland and glue them on clothespins instead, to help them stay upright. I also grabbed an old picture frame, a piece of notebook paper, and some sharpies and made a quick little back-to-school sign. I plan on adding a wreath and apple candles and will update once the mantle is complete. Here is what I have so far:

10370432_10101283025468768_818247032394692072_n 10453332_10101283025363978_5177442246209540436_n

On a side note, I had the best entertainment while making all of these. There was a bad storm rolling in, so my children spent the entirety of it trying to pronounce the word “electricity.” The closest they got was “electrickaty.” Don’t worry as R said, “God is with us.” These kids.

In conclusion, whoops sorry… all of this school stuff makes me feel like I should be writing an essay. I give the pins an A+. I give my hot glue gun skills a solid B-. Hope yall are enjoying all of my Back-to-School ideas! We are super excited and ready at the B house!


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