Schoolhouse Saturday, Back-to-School Week: Teacher Survival Kits

Back-to-School Week is here! I have to admit, I’ve been dying to start putting up my decorations since August 1st but have managed to wait. I will wait no longer! Fall is almost here as is football, pumpkin scented everything, crisp air, abnormally clear blue skies, and bonfires. Like Fitzgerald wrote in The Great Gatsby, “Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

Today’s topic is one of much debate around dinner tables on the eves of the first day: teacher gifts, or school supplies in general. I must say, I was a little shocked at all our children need. However, as I said before on my very first Schoolhouse Saturday, my children will be attending school with children who can barely afford their book bag much less what’s inside. The extra expense is too much for some of our families. So I sucked it up and added extras to our buggy (or shopping cart for all yall who ain’t from arounjeer). I also decided to make a small Teacher Survival Kit. Now I know there are parents who don’t like this concept, but believe me I’ve been in their shoes with my pesky NC teacher salary, and I would’ve loved anyone who threw a few Expos or some hand sanitizer my way. To each his own, bottom line, we are making gifts, get over it. Shewww glad that confrontation is over, I have been sweating bullets all day because of it.

There are plenty of cute gift ideas. Pinterest is full of them. I really liked the pin I found because of its simplicity and practical use. The information is below:

Pin: Teacher Survival Kits

Website: Serenity Now


In the pink basket for the Pre-k teacher I added: hand sanitizer, markers, sharpies, gum, pens, candy, stickers, notepads, and clorox wipes. In the orange basket for the kindergarten teacher I put in: highlighters, expo markers, sharpies, pens, candy, gum, hand sanitizer wipes, extra glue sticks and crayons, notepads, stickers, and Clorox wipes. Some people include Starbucks gift cards or headache medicine which are cute ideas also. I decided to take out the airplane bottles due to recent events. Sorry ladies you will have to settle for M&Ms. Really anything you give a teacher they will appreciate it. Just remember don’t forget them after the first day. Volunteer your time. Help out with snacks or special events. Slip some seasonal lotion from B&B to them on a day they look like they’re two seconds away from a school-induced teacher meltdown (much different than the mommy version, think less Hallmark channel cry fest, more crazed postal worker). Just be present and the teacher will be grateful as will your kids. Sooooo… This pin is definitely approved. How could it not be!

Hope you all have a wonderful school year!


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