The Dirty Thursday, Van Edition: Headlight Cleaner

The front end of my van is a disgusting bug graveyard that, like your vehicle too I assume, takes forever to clean, and my headlights look foggy and dull. I may keep a clean house, but my van is another story. I do a lot of driving and the kids do a lot of riding which equates to yuckville. I seriously try to keep it clean but it’s almost pointless. However, today I decided to clean and I mean really clean my van. J already scrubbed the outside a week or so ago, so my plan for the outside part on The Dirty Thursday Van Edition is to try the toothpaste trick to clean the foggy headlights. The links are below:

Pin: Headlight Cleaner

Website: Ehow

This cleaning technique was super easy. I’m not sure they are completely rid of the grime, but they looked better. It’s hard to tell in the picture. You can see that the upper line is gone in the second picture. I do have suspicions that the before pic on the site was with some of the toothpaste on, which made it very nasty looking. The pin is approved because it did clean them some, but don’t expect dramatic results. Now to clean the rest of the van… I’m going to need much more than toothpaste.


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