The Clean Thursday, Van Edition: Amazing Van Organization

So cleaning out my van took way longer than I expected. It may have been because I tried to do it with “the help” of the girls. L really helped by peeing in the van while I was vacuuming at the car wash where clearly there isn’t a potty!!! I’m pretty sure the guys next to us were like, “my girl better be on the pill.” Sidetrack, that reminds me of this time I went to visit friends when the girls were still tiny and fresh and in two of the heaviest carseats known to man. They lived above a frat boy, and his friend who obviously was young and living it up big was outside on his phone. When I walked up balancing two carriers, a purse, and diaper bag, his mouth fell open, face went white, and eyes bulged. I just looked at him and said, “I used to party here too. This is what happened,” and walked in. Poor guy probably didn’t hit on any girls at that house anymore that day.

Anywho, back to the van. It took forever. But it looks great. I used the pin below as a guideline to organization. I actually started organizing like Heidi over a year ago, but got pretty lazy with all of the stuff going on. Like her, I was tired of not having things I needed in the van when we went places. Yesterday was a prime example. When I organized my van before, each child had a change of clothes in the trunk. I also just recently took the potty out for trunk space. My consequences for being ill-prepared: pee on the floor, a ten minute drive home to change, a ten minute ride back to the store. The potty is now back in the trunk with the changes of clothes. I haven’t got it all organized exactly like the pin. I do have two bins in each row that hold a trash bag or can, tissues, hand sanitizer, and paper towels. I’m going to be making some storage thingys for the seats on Saturday. I used some other pins for ideas as well and have yet to put a few of the items in my van that she has in hers. If you have any questions specific to my organization, you can comment and I will be happy to answer them. The pictures and links are below.

I feel much better with a clean van. Scientists actually proved that moms who have a clean van are less prone to road rage and to be involved in preventable collisions. I am totally making that up, but it sure does help me feel less stressed. Actually, driving without kids at all would be the best even though I really enjoyed my dramatic lip syncing of “Let it Go” that I just performed. I would’ve looked pretty stupid without kids in the back.

Pin: Van Organization

Website: The Castro HAPPYning



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