Twinnie Tuesday Continued: Kid Sushi

Today I’m just writing a quick update on yesterday’s fail of a post. I haven’t gotten a chance to try the doll diapers again but will do so promptly. But I did make the girls Peanut Butter and Banana Kid Sushi. I don’t know that I actually saw a pin of this or I just ran out of bread one day and had leftover tortillas. I’m pretty sure it was the latter. I’m notorious for having a case of “Mommy brain.” This morning I wore two different shoes to class and didn’t realize until wayyyyyy later. Ehh. They were similar.

I love the Kid sushi idea because it is something fun and different that kids enjoy eating. I’ve also heard of a banana hot dog ??? I’m not sure how I feel about that but it’s the same idea. Sometimes we just have to trick our kids into eating food by changing it up a bit. They’re pretty easy to fool sometimes. I mean hellllooooo Elf on the Shelf. You get the picture. So every once in a while, I make the sushi. Here’s the lowdown:


Peanut Butter


Tortillas (I guess saying whole wheat or wraps would make me sound like the better mom, when in reality my choice is what I have in the frig leftover from taco night)


Spread peanut butter on tortillas. Add a layer of thinly sliced bananas then roll tightly. Using a sharp knife, slice individual “sushi” pieces and enjoy.

It was really too easy to have actual ingredients and directions but I wanted to seem legit. I’m sure you can substitute for almost any ingredients. This would be great to sneak into Sushi Night with your friends. Looks much better than the happy meal you’re smuggling in your purse. I have yet to find a kid friendly Sake or Plum wine replacement.

Speaking of wine…

Hope your kids enjoy their very own sushi! Mine love it!



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