Mansday Wednesday: Coffee Mug for My Love

Men never really want us to make them anything, at least my man doesn’t want me to unless it’s supper. Here in the South, men are hard and try not to be overly emotional unless they are watching a game. Then it’s like they don’t hold back any emotion. I’m a big sports fan. I was always “the sports girl” in my group of friends. That comes from my dad coaching when I was growing up and also having complete control of the remote. Sound familiar ladies? I have lived my entire life watching grown men yell, scream, cheer, cry, laugh, and get furious when watching their team. And they call us crazy for crying at a Hallmark movie. Anyways, J rolls his eyes at most of my Pinterest endeavors, so naturally I chose to make him something today! Honestly, I know they appreciate us being sweet and thoughtful, it just costs them man points in their man club where they hold a man card and all blah blah blah.

J is on a coffee fix. He drinks it all of the time. I found a cute little coffee mug to make him to express how I feel about him. It’s just your basic “sharpie on ceramic dishes” mug but a precious idea. Here are the pins:

Pin: Coffee Mug

Website: Good and Messy

Pin: Ceramic Sharpie Art

Website:The Yarn to Tell

It turned out well…so cutesy and precious! J immediately said, “I’m not taking that to work. Couldn’t you make it more manly? Should have just made it pink and written ‘whipped’ on the front.” Thanks for the next project idea sweetie. I better see this mug full of coffee tomorrow. I love you. Men are hard to craft for but they appreciate your sweet love all the same. These pins are approved. Show your man’s mug (and your man) some love today! They may not say it, but they will love you thinking of them.




8 thoughts on “Mansday Wednesday: Coffee Mug for My Love

  1. I think it’s cute! I hate my handwriting so I usually avoid crafts like this but I might have to try this one for my DH.

    Thanks so much for coming by my facebook page:)


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