Twinnie Tuesday: Kid Sushi and Cloth Baby Doll Diapers… Sorta

One of my absolute favorite books growing up was Judith Viorst’s Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day and I am super excited to see the movie. And like Alexander, today I had one of those days. It wasn’t exactly a bad day, per se. It was a good day. I floated in the pool for a solid 30 minutes basking in the sun. But it just wasn’t a good Pinteresting day. You see I planned on making the girls baby doll diapers today out of some scrap fabric and fat quarters. I found the pin and the website below. I was really excited, and the project seemed fairly easy.

Pin: Cloth Baby Doll Diapers

Website: One Little Project

I also planned on sharing a twist on a peanut butter and banana sandwich, PB & Banana Kid Sushi. I planned on a lot of things today. And those plans fell flat. I met J after my morning class and swapped vehicles and kids. Usually I feed them lunch, but today J fed them… guess what… peanut butter and banana sandwiches. Well there goes that idea… So we headed to the pool for an hour or so, and left way ahead of time so that I could quickly sew the diapers and maybe make the sushi for the kids as a snack before my night class.

I am 100% sure that the diapers are going to be cute and wonderful when I take my time and carefully sew them. I’m still a beginner, so I know the problem was that I was rushing. Also just as I was getting ready to sew, I realized that I couldn’t find my velcro. I had one of those crazy “movie” flashbacks and remembered seeing the girls stick velcro all over my table and fussing at them and throwing it in the trash. Ugh. Nothing seemed to work quite right today.

Then I asked myself, wasn’t this the whole reason I started this blog? Wasn’t it because I failed miserably at Pinterest sometimes? Wasn’t it because I felt like a failure as a mommy because I couldn’t create something cute that I pinned for my kids? I have had quite a few successes and one big oven of a failure in my first 2 weeks, but today I felt like I should’ve been able to do this project. But today wasn’t about me making a project, it was about me showing my twins love. Twinnie Tuesday. Their day. And wouldn’t they much rather have a mommy who is doing cannon balls off of the diving board and watching them swim around on a beautiful August afternoon than a mommy sitting at the dining room table murmuring bad words *ahem* under her breath because she can’t get her sewing machine to cooperate. They loved today. They had fun. That’s what matters. I will make the diapers most likely tonight after class. And they will probably have the Kid Sushi tomorrow for lunch. And then I will gloat with pride at my awesomeness. But today, in spite of my Pinterest failures, I gloat with pride at their awesomeness.

The verdict on the pin: To be continued…



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