Mommy Monday: Soothing Coffee Oatmeal Honey Mask

It’s Monday. But more importantly it’s MOMMY MONDAY!! And I decided to break a little bit from my norm and focus on fellow Mommy Bloggers on Mondays who get “it” rather than selecting a pin from Pinterest. What’s that “it” you say? Well it’s the feeling that Mommy is about to go crazy. Bat ish crazy. Like for real. You bring that freaking ball in my living room while I’m watching Sister Wives (please don’t judge me, I don’t understand it either) one more time, and I will put you to bed right now!! RIGHT NOW!!! Or if you are cursed like Diana, today’s Mommy Blogger, and I… I am USING. THE. BATHROOM. Do not come in the door. Step away from the ksldjfakjsfgioahg;oiajsd;j door. *Deep Breath* Mommies are sometimes one thrown toy or screaming match away from “it.” So we need a day to shut our doors and take care of ourselves. If you read last week’s post, you will know that Monday is that day! So my Monday has been great just anticipating the goodness of today’s little DIY Mask. You will find the information and links below:

Pin: Soothing Coffee Oatmeal Honey Mask

Website: Parenting Meltdowns… See she gets it.

But before I get to Diana’s mask… It’s about to get real. And perhaps real gross. I’m about to lay it out for you. I’m on my period. If you read last Monday’s post, you will know that PMS… literally the “Pre” part plagued my day and ruined my very first Mommy Monday. And that sneaky bia tried to do it again today. But nope I wasn’t having it even if I was feeling very “womanly.” And ladies let’s not beat around the bush. Periods suck. Bad. It’s not enough that we are Ba-leeeee-ding which is torture enough, but add in cramping, bloating, unmentionable bathroom experiences, and break-out city. WHAT THE HECK?!?!? We feel like crap and look like it too. Not like when we’re pregnant and get that glow. Which is also a myth because I didn’t have the cute watermelon/basketball belly and glow with twins. I looked like I was smuggling a turkey and all of the life was slowly being sucked out of me. I’m getting a little off topic. But to conclude my tirade, today, in my best Oprah voice for you Diana, “my va-jay jay be painin.”

So I needed a Mommy Monday. I came home after my morning class, ate some lunch, and got to work on the mask. It was really easy to make. It didn’t say if you used coffee grounds or brewed coffee or what not, but I used just fresh ground coffee. I hid away in the bathroom and rubbed it on my face. I looked quite lovely.


My kids thought I had a skin disease. My papa asked “what in the world is on your face?” I explained that it was a face cleaner. He said it looked like I needed to clean it. Honestly, I get no love. None. I let it dry for the 15 minutes or so and tried to read my book. I washed it off and that is when the oooohing and ahhhhing began. I mean let’s be real. I met Diana through a blogging website and thought I was going to have to play up her mask a little bit because I didn’t want to hurt her feelings. BUT NO. It was amazing. I want to rub it everywhere. I keep rubbing my face because it feels so fresh and soft. It looks that way too. I look rested. I’m probably going to make my face oily from touching it but it’s ok because I have more. I love it! And it’s edible if you want to eat it. My one complaint is that the coffee didn’t wake me up. Maybe I should’ve eaten some, because I started reading my book and ended up taking an hour nap which is ok because it’s MOMMY MONDAY. Do yourselves a favor ladies, mix this up and enjoy. Let your man cook. Mine is. Happy Monday.


9 thoughts on “Mommy Monday: Soothing Coffee Oatmeal Honey Mask

  1. LOL! Thanks for featuring my post on your blog Lauren. You’re right I did over look the coffee thing…ahhh! I used just plain instant coffee but it’s good to know that it works just as well with the ground up stuff. I am going to go update that right now. LOL thanks again!


  2. Thanks for the “honesty” about how life can get as a mommy. The mask sounds divine. . . I’ll be mixing it up and using it soon. Thanks so much!


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