Schoolhouse Saturday: Back to School Countdown

The other day R asked me how many days until he starts kindergarten. I have some really cute decorating plans for Back-to-school, so I decided to search for a countdown on Pinterest. Really all I saw were much of the same until I saw Simplistically Sassy’s pin below:

Pin: Countdown

Website: Simplistically Sassy

It is so cute! I did think that the cardstock would be flimsy for the amount of crayons, so I searched for options at Hobby Lobby.

I settled on a chalkboard that I could write on with a metallic pin. I wanted the project to be reusable (I made a Christmas countdown a few years ago that was adorable but only lasted that year). I found some glue dots at the dollar store that could be removed after use. Well they didn’t work at all. I then remembered I had magnet strips. I hot glued a small square of magnet to each crayon, and then glued a long strip of magnet down the side of the chalkboard. Now it can be used each year. I added a fun little bow and made a coordinating jar from a glass cup (I just hot glued crayons along the sides). This will house the crayons that are taken off of chalkboard. There you have it! It engages the kids, buffs up their math skills, and makes the start of the school year something to look forward to.

And R loved it!

This pin gets another A+ APPROVED!


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