There were no words. So for your reading pleasure I am going to reveal my thoughts:

I really hope that oven trick worked. This day is gross and I don’t want to spend all day cleaning crap out of the bottom of my oven.

*opens oven*

Sweet Lord what is that smell? It’s like vinegar and puke. Maybe if I wipe it with a paper tow… Oh disgusting. I knew better why did I do this. Ugh.

I’m working out first.

An hour later… It got worse. Yuuuuuuuucccckkkk. *expletive.* Why did I choose a recipe today that needed an oven. There is no magic. They need to go back to Hogwarts. Stupid Muggles. This explains why the link doesn’t work.

NOTHING IS COMING OFF! I’m sweating more now. Whhhhhhhyyyy? Like literally nothing. Maybe a sponge. Well that was pointless. Glad I have nothing better to do today.

30 minutes later… It looks the same. That was a joke. Cuuuuuuuu raaaaaap. The racks. How do these things get so flippin dirty?!? Like seriously.

30 minutes and a clean kitchen later… Well maybe if I put the racks in…

I see no difference. Ridiculous Fail Fail Fail.

Those were my thoughts. Pin not approved. But I so made up for Mommy Monday today with the longest shower… Mostly spent scrubbing grease off my hands. So no Granny G. Don’t use this one.


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