Foodie Friday: Paula Deen’s Meatloaf

I really love some Paula Deen. She reminds me so much of women in my community. Southern and sassy and cooks from the heart. My Nanny died almost 3 years ago, and when she was here, we would sit around her little round table digging through recipes from newspapers or magazines or ones she jotted down while watching Paula. Man could my Nanny cook. But there was one thing I didn’t like growing up that she made… Only one thing unless you count green peas… I loathe green peas. That one thing was, you guessed it, Meatloaf. Now of course I loved it later on I just had this thing about “cooked ketchup” when I was younger. I have tried countless Meatloaf recipes including Meatloaf burgers, but for some reason I never tried Paula’s and I’m not sure Nanny did either. Pinterest dangled it in front of me long enough that tonight I took the bait. I’ve included the links below:


Website: The One and Only Paula Deen

And my verdict, I liked it, approved. We were so ready for it after an hour of it smelling up my kitchen that I forgot to take a picture. Her recipe read just like one out of a church cookbook. Do I prefer it to Nanny’s? No. Sorry Paula. I liked everything about it but the oats. I prefer bread crumbs and they seem to glue it all together better. I won’t toss it completely just modify it a tad. But it was the perfect supper for this rainy day especially when I fixed fresh from the garden green beans and corn. Now to be lazy and full.



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