The Dirty Thursday: Baking Soda Magic Oven Cleaner

There comes a time in a woman’s (or man’s) life when she must dig down deep within her soul to muster up the strength to face adversity. She will not be defeated easily, nay she walked through the valley and spat (is that really the correct past tense of spit… Nevermind… Doesn’t matter… Press forward) in the eye of evil. She lost many a battle but by God she will win the war. It is time… To clean the oven.

Now some of you millionaire mamas out there may have a so called “self-cleaning” oven that I’ve heard of (and I may be completely overestimating what those ovens do anyways). If so skip right over this, sip your martini, and do not read any further for it is so grotesque that you may never casserole again. But for us brave souls that have looked into the abyss, stay with me. I may be a little melodramatic right now. I usually lose it around Thursday, but I feel like the oven is a place no one wants to clean. And don’t get me started on oven cleaners aka death bombs. I’d rather my oven be dirty than my food taste like it has been seasoned with pesticide.

So forever ago, like years I really hate cleaning my oven, I found the pin below:

Pin- Oven Cleaner

Unfortunately, it leads to a bad link but the directions are in the caption. So today… through gritted teeth… I opened up my oven in hopes this pin works. Back story on this oven…it was this dirty when we moved in back in April. I doubt it has been cleaned in the 8 or so years J has lived here. I scrubbed the kitchen and the years of filth away… Except for the oven. Here is the beast:


Brace yourselves…


ok honestly it really isn’t the worst but yuck.

I sprinkled the baking soda all over the dang thing. Do you ever get a bad feeling in the pit of your stomach when you are doing something you know you will regret? It pretty much defined my last two years of college. But it was too late to turn back. I mixed a spray bottle of vinegar and dawn, the blue kind is the only one that comes with the magical grease fairies, and sprayed, then poured it on the soda. The spraying was taking too long. So here it is. Tomorrow morning I will regret, I mean know if it worked. So stay tuned…

I need a martini.





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