The Clean Thursday: Summer Wreath

I am truly worried about that stupid freakin oven now that I have completed today’s Clean Thursday pin, the Summer Wreath. It was seriously the easiest wreath I have ever made. And cuuuh-huhhh-yute. Here’s the info:

Pin: Summer Wreath

Website: Create. Craft. Love

The hardest part was the Hobby Lobby trip due to the apparent 2-trip bathroom rule that no one told me about but my girls follow it like champs. I picked out the essentials and some fabric to make a wallet on Sunday. I went with turquoise blues and bright orange and added a purple B for our last name. The pin is really just a starting point for your own creativity. You can use any color or design or you can follow the scheme on the site. Here is my new front door wreath:


Presh. This pin is absolutely approved which really pisses me off because that means I will slave my life away on that oven tomorrow. No way will I have two successes in one day. Oh well. Until tomorrow.


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