Twinnie Tuesday: Bingo Counting and Bead Sun Catchers

For today’s Twinnie Tuesday, the girls and I had a little learning fun. They love when I let them make stuff or use markers and scissors which I won’t let them take past the kitchen. They are very creative especially L. They are doing pretty well for kids their age. They can write and spell their names. They know parts of books and have a broad vocabulary. The only thing I feel they need a little help on is math. I mean who doesn’t… it’s math. It’s ridiculous nonsense half the time. So I found some different counting and math activities on Pinterest and decided to give this one a go. The links are below:

Pin: Bingo Counting

Website: You and Me Make W.E.

I definitely had to help them with this one. I had some old Bingo dobbers or markers around and they loved smushing them down on the paper. I am going to do the activity again and it was very successful so I give it an A for Approved. Or a 100% since it’s math.

 WP_20140729_011 WP_20140729_010 WP_20140729_009 WP_20140729_008 WP_20140729_013

After  “Math Bingo Dobber Game”, we tried making plastic bead sun catchers. They looked so beautiful and easy I had to try. Here are the links:

 Pin: Sun Catcher

Website: Craftster

I decided to use a large muffin tin to make smaller discs and string them together.

    WP_20140729_002 WP_20140729_004 WP_20140729_007 WP_20140729_014 wpid-WP4Phone_20140729204509.jpg


I really didn’t expect this one to turn out that well. When I smelled burning plastic, I almost lost all hope. I thought they would for sure stick to the pan. Much to my surprise, they didn’t. They were perfect. The activity was great to do with the girls. Easy, inexpensive, and beautiful. Another A+ and approved.

We had a great Mommy & girls learning day. When we were finished, the screaming and fighting began. Ahhhh twas a sweet moment while it lasted. And it was a good thing they were going to Nana’s.



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