Schoolhouse Saturday

I am an Adult High School and GED instructor at a local community college, and I often look to Pinterest for ideas especially for science. I also, like I’ve mentioned, have preschoolers and a soon to be kindergartener in the house. Pinterest has some amazing pins for parents getting us organized and on task for the school year so we can aid in the learning process at home (after all, no matter what anyone says the PARENTS are responsible for our children’s education). So my Saturdays will be focused on some area of formal education be it my students’ or the youngins’ or, like today, social awareness that will educate or inspire the online mommy/daddy blogging community.

Being a teacher, and a nerd, I love the excitement of a new school year even though I teach year round. I absolutely love shopping for school supplies. Brand new crayons, fresh smelling notebooks, newly sharpened pencils, and the crisp cleanliness of everything packed in a new book bag means the same crisp cleanliness of fall (and football Go Niners!) is right around the corner. Back when I was in school, we only needed supplies for ourselves. I took a peek at R’s Kindergarten school list (last year’s but I assume it won’t be much different) and it’s clear that students/parents are helping supply classrooms and not just their own book bags. I’m completely understanding and ok with this. Teachers here in NC have it rough. Cuts in pay, allotments for classrooms non-existent, shared assistants, increases in classroom sizes, reimbursements and tax deductions that MAY cover one month of expenses, long hours, and the demands of COMMON CORE !!! to top it off, there’s a reason I left public schools. I feel their pain and parents are asked to pay out of pocket for the state’s lack of classroom support. And unless we kick all of the idiots out of Raleigh and Washington, D.C., things aren’t going to get better any time soon. The thing is I understand the plight, but many parents don’t. My kids will be attending a small, country school in the forgotten part of our county. Many children cannot afford the extra burden of school supplies. So we can look at the list and gripe about more stuff we have to buy, or we can think of those kids who will be coming to school on the first day in hand-me-downs, shoes that don’t fit them, and an empty book bag, stomach, and heart. You may not can afford many more, but try to look at the list and send a few extras to school that day. Buy 4 instead of 2 boxes of crayons. Send double the baggies or tissues. Or if you really feel the need, pack a whole book bag or double the list.

Complaining won’t get you anywhere, but that smile of relief on that harried kindergarten teacher’s face will set the tone for a wonderful new year. There isn’t a pin to approve today, but I will include a link to my board with lots of back to school ideas. And remember that the best way to feel love is to give love. So many times we talk about being Christians and the Bible til we are blue in the face. But how much greater and more powerful is it to live like Christ and give of ourselves. Be His hands and His feet. Be a blessing through your actions and how you treat others not just through your words.

School Board: Pin


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