The Dirty Thursday Part 1: T-shirt folding tip

I have a confession. My t-shirt drawer is a disaster and well stuffed full of t-shirts most of which I don’t wear unless I’m backed up on laundry like really bad. A lot of my t-shirts have some special meaning or importance, paint stains, and holes in the armpits. So naturally they are a jumbled up disaster. And being that today is dedicated to mi casa, I am going to try this pin that a many a pinterester has pinned. Problem is the link that I have is to a relocated or “out of service” blog. Luckily the pin has the step-by-step pictures.

Link to the original pin: T-Shirt Folding Trick


So I unloaded all bajillion shirts and piled them on my bed. Considering I have folded the same way since I learned how, I was pretty skeptical. I was also skeptical with the fitted sheet trick but it helped me tremendously. My sheets are wadded up in my linen closet as we speak. I was immediately met with concerned girls who could not understand why I was re-folding already folded shirts. But upon inspection B quickly alerted me that my folding job of old looked “terrible.” Yeah well your shoe organization is horrible. I quickly folded all shirts according to pictures. I got a little befuddled with the last step but worked it out. I think. About 20 minutes later, I had a newly organized file cabinet of tees halfway color-coded because well if you visited my house you would quickly understand. As to if the pin is approved… TBD. I’m not sure if any space was saved necessarily. It does look pretty good but folding time will take a tad longer and I don’t know if this mama’s got time for all the extra shenanigans. And since most of my t-shirts look like the dogs got ahold of them… Well we will see how pretty the drawer stays.



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