The Clean Thursday Part 2: Boat Cleat TP Holder

The 2nd part of today’s post is a little and inexpensive addition to my newly remodeled bathroom. Both the decor and colors are a very classic beach theme. Much better than the yucky green stuff as you can see below.


The problem with the new walls is that the existing toilet paper holder didn’t fit and looked awkward. And I don’t know about yall but I like to have the TP readily accessible when I’m doin my bizznass. The reaching around behind to the basket that housed the paper on the back of the potty just wasn’t cutting it. Not to mention I was getting tired of hearing “Mooooommmmmyyyy I need some toilet paper!!!” (to which my good mama response was to delegate the paper retrieval to the daughter who wasn’t on the pot). So when I found this perfect little pin I was elated. And then I clicked on the link. Two dilemmas: number one, the website is, I believe, in Greek. Number two, the picture is just that, a picture. There’s no tutorial!!! Don’t those people know that we Southerners love our beach-themed johns???? I’ve included the link even though it’s all Greek and useless and all:

Boat Cleat TP Holder

Using the picture, I tried my best to come up with a little tutorial. So here goes…

I picked a spot high enough out of the way but low enough that the kids could reach.


The tools/materials I used were:

1 silver boat cleat

2 1-1/4 in wood screws

1 white plastic TP rod

1 thin white nylon rope (I actually used a fish stringer and cut off the ends; the only colors they had in regular rope were camo and pink and that wasn’t happening)


I mounted the cleat to the wood slat on the wall with the screws. Then I threaded the rope through the TP rod. This was a bit tricky. I had to heat seal the ends of the rope (melt it with a lighter and not burn the house down) and saw off one end of the TP rod.

I assure you this is not a tortuous tampon.


I then looped the rope through the toilet paper and tied it boat dock style to the cleat. It’s important that you do not tie the ends of the rope together so tight or complicated because you will at some point need to change rolls. In my house that will be tomorrow. And the best part is the cheap part. The total cost was under $10! Cute and cheap. So for this pin: Not approved. For the project: most definitely approved.



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