Twinnie Tuesday: The Pillowcase Dress

The whole reason that I began Pinterest is because I wanted a little organization to the chaos that was my life. I am a planner by nature and very organized (yes I admit I’m a little crazy OCD… but Hey, aren’t we all a little crazy?), so when, at a point in my life, I was raising toddler twin girls all by my lonesome, I welcomed anything that could help *ahem* get my ish together. The bug bit me hard, and I was constantly trying new things mostly for my twins. Speaking of the twins, let me go ahead and introduce them since they will be the stars of my Tuesday posts. Though identical, they could not be more different. Brynley (or B) is my youngest twin who is caring, nurturing, motherly, headstrong, a little whiny, sweet, and a bit more reserved. She is bossy and always plays the mom or dictates who is who. Luckily, Lyndsie (or L) is, for the most part, okay with being bossed around. She is wild, energetic, a little crazy, funny, talkative, outgoing, and boy is she is a drama queen. Everything is over the top with that little bit. And for such a tiny child, she is so loud. They are my heart and soul and they love watching mommy *try* to create new things. “Okay enough of this gooey sh… Show of emotion. All right, everyone, let’s dig in!”

Of all of the things that I have created over the past couple of years from pins, I felt the most accomplished with today’s pin: The Pillowcase Dress. It’s a fairly simple dress to make and doesn’t even require a pattern, but it does require sewing skills, which many people do not have. This was not technically my first sewing project. I actually took sewing lessons when I was a freshman in high school and learned the basics from my Nanny. But most of the time I watched as she did all the dirty work. So when I bought a sewing machine this past March, I felt a little overwhelmed and tried a few things but ultimately put it off until last Friday. I found the pin a few months back and decided this was the weekend to give it a shot. I took my girls to Hobby Lobby where we first went into the store for a bathroom break (as always) then to the fabric section where we browsed the collection. Then back to the bathroom once more. And then finally they settled on a cute chevron pattern and another beautiful square geometric shape thingy pattern (official wording).

Here is the link to the pin: Pillowcase Dress Pin

And to the post on the website: My Little Boy Blue

I must say this dress was pretty easy. A few things, for my girls anyways: the dress is fairly long and settle for a smaller ribbon or allow more room for threading. I used the length for a 4 year old for my tallest twin’s dress, and it was still long. I have yet to make L’s dress (I can give you a laundry list of excuses that none of you will care about. Just label me a bad mama and be done with it) but when I do, I plan on using the 3 year old length. I will say that having the extra length will mean that the girls will be able to wear the dress longer being that there is room in the width of the dress. Now the ribbon. My fingers still hurt. The process of the threading of the ribbon around the collar isn’t bad or hard. B just picked a huge ribbon and it matched so perfectly I folded and went with it. But it took FOR. EV. ERRRRR.

10513279_10101242847879978_7837937794523534555_n Here’s B in her new dress! I also made her baby one. I will post more later of that one.

While the dress was very easy and a novice can assemble one in about half a day or so, it does require lots of ironing and either a Serger or knowledge of french seams. I was lucky enough to learn french seams are the norm and a necessity of sewing early on from Nanny that I knew how to right away. But if you aren’t sure, I found this tutorial from Craftsy. Actually I believe french seams are preferred to the Serger with this dress.

So obviously the verdict on my first twin tested pin is: Approved!

I can’t wait to make L’s and will update with step by step pics. Now go out there and get you a Walmart sewing machine and get to clothing those baby girls!!!


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