Mansday Wednesday: Superhero Cape

The stars of Wednesdays are the men in my life: my fiance, Jason (or J) and his son, my stepson, Ronnie (or R). Since R is between houses on some Wednesdays, I thought I would ya know make stuff or do stuff for J every now and then even though I do stuff for him all of the time and am the most amazing woman he has ever met in his entire life. That my friends is the complete truth. Ask him. If he tells you otherwise, let me know, give me a few hours, then ask again. He will tell you I’m incredible. J and I met when we were 5. He thought I was nice. I thought he was weird. We went through high school just like everyone goes through high school… I mean should we even count those years honestly? Our frontal lobes were not completely developed so we cannot be held responsible for anything from 14-18… or 24. But Jason thought I was wonderful back then. I thought he was weird. We went our separate ways, met other people, had children, then found ourselves out of those relationships and in one together. Now we are a family of 5. And for about 4 months out of the year, we have 3 children that are all the same age.

R is the best. He and I are kindred spirits basically because we are the only two people in the house that listen to what I say and keep our stuff clean. He is smart, sweet, sensitive, and quiet. He is like the perfect afternoon haha. Of course he drives me crazy sometimes because he is a child, but I am blessed to have him. *Sniff Sniff*. Ok enough already.

So because I didn’t want R to be left out of my sewing creativity, today I decided to make him a quick and easy Superhero cape.

Here’s the Pin: Superhero Cape

And the Web Link: The Southern Institute

After my morning class, I ran by Goodwill to find a really large t-shirt. It doesn’t matter if the t-shirt has anything on one side because you will only need one side for the cape. I actually found a green collared shirt mostly because R likes the color and also because it was a 3x meaning it would be super long and flowing.


This is an easy, fun activity. Older children may even be able to help you cut. I think the more ragged and unfinished it looks, the cuter it is. Or more vintage and old-timey looking like when people didn’t have fancy tablets and baby dolls that lick ice cream cones and Elsa and Anna… and it’s a good thing because I can’t cut in a straight line to save my life. I did roughly sew up the sides because the shirt was so huge and I added an R to the back from scrap fabric. I hot glued the R and the velcro to the collar so really a sewing machine is not necessary. R’s eyes lit up at his superhero cape which the girls said was a princess cape (nothing like a blow to your manhood). The collar from the shirt looks totally cool… much cooler than just a regular t-shirt in my opinion. And when he put it on, R could lift the sofa above his head and run like a cheetah. Most definitely this pin is APPROVED!!

Velcro hot glued to the collar
R from scrap fabric
R Man!!!
Fast as the Wind




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