Let me begin by saying, I am addicted to Pinterest. Seriously. No joke. And why shouldn’t I be? It’s helpful, fun, easy to navigate, way less annoying than most social media sites. Pinterest is uhhhhhmazing. I actually feel like I need it. How I lived without it, I’m not quite sure. You may be thinking that I am exaggerating and being completely ridiculous, but it is true. You know those women who have been happily married for like 7 or 8 years and have all the kids they could handle who are past the baby stages? Those women stare at pins every single day that they wish they had seen when they were planning a wedding, having a baby, surviving the toddler years, etc. Well folks I need Pinterest because I am almost literally going through most of the “pin stages” all at once. I am recently engaged. I have twin preschoolers. My fiance has a rising kindergartener. We are remodeling a house. I am trying to clean up my diet and exercise routine to get wedding-ready.  Post-wedding begins the “trying-to-get-pregnant-please-dear-Lord-do-not-let-it-be-twins-again” time (just kidding, I love twinnies). God gave the Pinterest creators the idea for the website specifically for women like me who neeeeeeeed it. Add on that I am learning to sew, love to cook and garden and read, have traveled quite a bit in my lifetime, and I’m A TEACHER, and well you could see why I’m addicted.

Now, that being said…Pinterest sucks. Not because I don’t love it, but because I feel like I suck at it sometimes. I pin all of these ideas that are complete failures when I try them, making me feel like a complete failure, bad mom, fiancée, woman, teacher, and I feel overwhelmed that I will never be one of those awesome moms I know who can look at something and magically re-create said something exactly how it looks on the pin, and it is worthy of being sold on Etsy or at the downtown autumn festival or whatever. Don’t get me wrong, I have created some really fantastic things using pins as my guide. I recently sewed my first pillowcase dress and B (my youngest by a minute twin) actually was able to wear it out in public. But the same day she wore her cute little dress, I attempted to make homemade french bread. It tasted pretty good but that’s where the success ended. That bread was a hot mess. I sulked a little thinking I was a terrible baker but then it hit me, I was not the problem. It was the pin! Maybe the recipe worked for some people just not for more of us. Maybe it was good for the woman in Oregon with the fancy stand mixer who is an empty-nester without screaming kids yelling “she hit me in the belly” for the thousandth time. It just wasn’t good for that mama in North Carolina. It didn’t work for me, and if you have my similar  kitchen tools and lifestyle, maybe it won’t work for you either. The point that I am trying to make is that while Pinterest is a wonderful creation that has allowed working and stay-at-home moms to become DIYers and try to create a warm, loving home for their families, it has become a one-way bus ticket to a mommy “hissy-fit” breakdown that drives us straight to the nearest McDonald’s. We feel like we should all be perfect and that every pin we see we should be able to do flawlessly in order to be apart of The Amazing Mom Club. But ladies, we are wrong. Anything we do is wonderful because we are doing. We are actively trying to not so much better our lives, but we are thinking of our loved ones and we desire to make their lives better and uplift them. We, fellow pin addicts and those who haven’t even looked at Pinterest let alone pinned, are in the club. We are not perfect and don’t have to be. But NEWSFLASH… those pins aren’t perfect either. And the women on those blogs had plenty of failures before they perfected their creations of that I am sure.

As the revelation hit me, while in my minivan I swore I would never drive, I felt a compelling desire to share this epiphany with the whole world. While I made some tee-totally terrible horrible bread this past weekend, I also made a flippin dress! I tried and really enjoyed myself despite my failures. And my girls and my preteen sister enjoyed watching me sew and cook which is the whole reason I do what I do anyways. I realized that I have to stop just pinning and start actually trying more of the things I pin. And because I want to encourage more mamas to try to DIY and discourage the pity parties, I am sharing this journey with you. Everyday, which let’s face it sometimes won’t be every single day because I have twins for crying out loud, I am going to test a pin, include that original pin link on the blog, and share my experiences. Disclaimer. I feel like this should be in bold. DISCLAIMER: !!!!!!!! As I stated before, some pins are just not for some people. Some pins are complete duds and ridiculous. Just because it did or didn’t work for me, doesn’t mean it will or will not work for you. The point is, like my student said (who is an adult, I teach Adult High School) it is a challenge. To challenge you to stop just pinning and start doing and fail and succeed and make bread that looks like a lump and dresses that someone might actually want. And more importantly my journey will be a way for me to follow my own advice and even more importantly to show all of yall (I’m from NC… get used to yall) that this is what real “pinteresting” looks like. In the end or along the way, I hope this will not make me or you or even that woman I secretly envy (because she can do just about anything) better or smarter or whatever, but will make us more engaged in our homes and with our loved ones and even with ourselves.


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